Supervisor Leadership Skills for a Safe Workplace

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Supervisors are the linchpins in an organisation that set the performance levels when it comes to safety, productivity, skills development and job satisfaction. 

This world class course teaches supervisors the importance of their job role and that what they demonstrate and request from staff determines safety levels.  It provides supervisors with information about what makes a high performance safety culture, followed by 9 "Connect & Collaborate" Skills to improve employee safety engagement. 

The course goes through how to use these skills in toolbox meetings and includes a Toolbox Meeting Template to help supervisors encourage better safety meeting performance.

This is not a compliance based course, but instead, training on how to encourage staff and supervisors to perform safely in their jobs.

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Supervisor Leadership Skills for a Safe Workplace

1. Introduction

Find out general information about taking this course.

Before you continue, we recommend that you print out the following two attachments:

- The Supervisor Leadership Skills Workbook (so you can undertake the activities as you watch the video), and

- The safety or toolbox meeting template.


2. The Importance of Supervisors

Supervisors are linchpins in an organisation and set productivity, safety, skills and job satisfaction levels.  Find out what makes supervisors so important and the skills they need to focus on for optimal company performance.

3. How to Connect Well with Your Team

What makes a high performance team?  Find out how great teams work.

4. The New Workplace Culture Model

Discover what three key factors are required to be balanced in an organisation, in order to create trust.  The secret sauce to happy, high functioning companies.

5.1 Positivity

Find out when to use positivity techniques into your workplace and how to use them.

5.2 Gratitude

Find out when to introduce gratitude techniques into your workplace and then how to use them.

5.3 Stories and Metaphors

If you've got complicated or even boring information that people aren't interested in learning about, telling stories and using metaphors can help with engagement.  Find out how.

5.4 The Art of Questions

Often, leaders think they have to have all of the answers.  But it's often the one who asks the right questions that creates a thriving workplace.  Learn when, why and how to use questions.

5.5 Handling Complaints

It's a legal requirement to handle safety complaints.  Find out how to deal with them and why they are important to a healthy workplace.

5.6 Debate Maker

Find out when it's best to use debating techniques in this module and how to do it.

5.7 Working with Senior Management

Great supervisors need to know how to deal with frontline staff and senior management.  Learn why it's important to work well with senior management.

5.8 Difficult Safety Conversations

Find out when safety conversations are important and a six step process on how to do it.

5.9 Removing Gender Bias

For a great safety culture, everyone needs to be able to speak freely of their concerns.  Find out how to allow women to speak up about safety issues.

6. Running a Great Toolbox Meeting

FInd out what you need to do to make your toolbox meeting run smoothly.

7. Using the Toolbox Meeting Template

Get step by step instructions on how to use the Toolbox Meeting Template for optimal toolbox meetings.

8. Assessment


Toolbox Template   (200.32 KB)
Toolbox Template to be used to run toolbox or safety meetings.
Supervisor Leadership Skills Workbook   (1.55 MB)
Print out this workbook and use it as you go through the training video.
Supervisor Training Resources   ()
Sign up for access to weekly training emails to help reinforce supervisor training.
Supervisor Checklist   ()
Use this checklist to audit how your supervisors are performing when it comes to safety behaviours.

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